indoor places to take pictures in calgary

Indoor places to take pictures in calgary

Aer you looking for the best indoor places to take pictures in Calgary? Calgary has some undeniably stunning sights to see. Heritage Park, Calgary Tower, and a world-famous Zoo are just a few standout locations to see.

But if your a photographer looking for some killer indoor shots to bring dynamism to your portfolio you might be scratching your head a bit trying to figure out where to start. if you are looking for a photographer, contact Newborn photography Calgary We are providing an affordable photography service.

Top 5 Indoor Places To Take Pictures In Calgary

  • Central Library Calgary
  • B-Line Bike Park
  • Gasoline Alley Museum
  • The Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Centre
  • Studio Bell

We’ve compiled five of the best indoor places to take pictures in Calgary. Whether your taste is minimalistic or extravagant or you prefer natural lighting to indoor lighting there is a location on our list for you.

Central Library Calgary

Calgary Central Library for indoor places to take pictures in calgary

The Central library is definitively both a fan of modern architecture and a photographer’s dream destination. Architecture firms Snøhetta and Dialog have designed this modern masterpiece with a little help of a whopping $245 million budget.

That very well may be money well spent adding a tasteful bit of flair to the Calgary skyline while simultaneously creating one of the most aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces of the city.

This ambitious setting is ideal for capturing dynamic shots that offer a flood of indoor lighting. The spacious lobby with its high ceilings and flowing steamed wood accents is packed full of rich warm earth tones and mind-bending curves.

Intricate nooks and crannies provide every visitor with a unique experience every time that they visit. Everything about the Central Libraries design is eye-dazzling. It’s a marvellous exploration of shape and colour that no doubt will add an artistic flair to your indoor photography.

Every floor offers a range of shapes and diverse lighting moods. Literally every direction you look is another fascinating piece of intricacy that pays its dues towards its designers and makes this location one of the best indoor places to take pictures in Calgary.

B-Line Bike Park

B-Line Bike Park

This hidden gem on 33rd street might not necessarily be your first choice when planning your next shoot given that there is no natural lighting her but the wood ramps, high energy participants and industrial lighting creates b a unique mood with the unconventional appeal.

Early in the morning when the park is less crowded is sure to provide you with a great backdrop that will push the envelope of your portfolio and take your work in a different direction. I really enjoy catching action shots here.

Gasoline Alley Museum

Gasoline Alley Museum

Perfect for the aspiring shutterbug looking to add some vintage mystique to their shots, the Gasoline Alley Museum is an exploration of industrial design throughout the 20th century.

Visitors are greeted with neon lights, classic cars, old-timey tin sign advertising, and a history lesson that’s sure to entertain while serving as an eye-popping backdrop.

This is probably not the go-to locale for someone looking for headshots or wedding photos but the Gasoline Alley Museum does offer a distinctive time capsule of visuals that is sure to spice up your shots with historic albeit eccentric imagery and great lighting.

Lifelike recreations of bygone eras are sure to teleport you and your photography to a different place in time.

The Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Centre

The Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Centre
Another favourite amongst natural lighting fans is 12th avenue’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Centre. Not just a prime destination for all things performance art and choreography, this all-glass building offers its visitors stunning architecture coupled with skyline backdrops that are sure to make any photographer salivate.

Artfully offset cascading glass walls and futuristic clean minimalist interior decor are several highlights of this art-centric creation from one of the same design firms that brought us the Central Library.

Sculptures of dancers in mid-pose offer a unique accompaniment to this marvel of modern construction. While you’re visiting to take a few shots maybe you’ll get lucky enough to catch a show.

Studio Bell

Studio Bell


Home of the National Music Centre and some eye-grabbing backdrops, Studio Bell is definitely one of Calgardys landmarks. Studio Bell is a 5 story museum space with a curvacious and rather reflective mosaic interior.

The mirror-like quality of its illustrious walls captures natural light from the outside and dances it around its innards in a way that you may never have seen before.

The fifth floor “Cloud Lounge” as its name implies feels like you are sitting in a cloud. This spot offers breathtaking views of the facility and is also the perfect spot to take some shots for your portfolio.


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